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On April 23rd 2020, New York City's only large-scale

non-competitive partner dancing program for schoolchildren, released a powerful parody in response to

 the COVID-19 crisis: the "MACORONARENA."


Inspired by the famous "macarena" line dance from the ‘90s. It has been reimagined — lyrically, musically and choreographically — by BBX Founder/Artistic Director Sidney "Dr. Dance" Grant as a dynamic way to remind people to continue social distancing and use PPE as restrictions ease. Written by Mr. Grant and scored by Elvis Sibeko in Cape Town, South Africa, it has truly been an unfolding success story throughout the past year.

To celebrate the tremendous impact that the Macoronarena has had on our community, BBX hosted a

YouTube Live event on April 23rd, 2021- featuring a

variety of Macoronarena performances & remarks,

hosted by our very own Dr. Dance!


Thanks for submitting!

On June 30th, we will be premiering MACORONARENA AROUND THE WORLD & MACORONARENA AROUND THE COUNTRY, and we want YOU to be included!

No matter where you are around the world, please record at least 15-20 seconds of you doing the English and/or the Spanish portion of the Macoronarena and upload it to either YouTube, Google Drive, or any other sharing platform of your choice and share the link with us via the form, or email the link to us at info@ballroombasix.org

and/or rikki@ballroombasix.org!

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