what is the macoronarena?


Do you remember the "macarena" from the 1990s? At BALLROOM BASIX USA, we do!

In fact, Founder & Executive/Artistic Director Sidney "Dr. Dance" Grant (and his 

identical twin brother, Russell) were inspired by the pandemic to create a 

line dance parody to inform, uplift and inspire children and families

as a way to help offset the isolation and anxiety so many of us 

are experiencing as a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis,

and appropriately named it the "macoronarena"

which we've taught to hundreds of people!


This project is also meant to support arts organizations and performing artists who

are suffering as a result of this unprecedented pandemic. From Broadway stages

to studios and classrooms across the country, workshops, rehearsals and

productions have come to a grinding halt since the pandemic began.


Thanks to the internet, we can still connect with one another in meaningful

ways despite our disconnect ... and the "macoronarena" is one of them!